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lunes, diciembre 10, 2007

Just a bit of senseless writing.

Publicado por: Arturo B.
Etiquetas: on 15:39:00

Sitting in the edge of a cliff, the knight was thinking.
Which path to choose, which paths he already chose.
Were they right, were they wrong... only time would know.
Staring at the sky, from his lips a breath took fly,
and closing his dark eyes, he spread his arms and fell,
flying to the unknown end
of the chose he just made.

Feeling the wind blow by his side,
his hairs going up high,
in his face a smile was painted,
and in his chest relief took place, cleaning his heart before tainted.

Suddenly, everything got silent.
No more wind, no more pain, no more falling.
Suddenly, darkness and light were just only one,
and suddenly as well, his soul rested calmly.

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